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The growing urban population faces various challenges. How can we find creative answers for that? This is just one of many questions and topics which have been discussed during the international project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum in the past four years. At Shared Cities: The Finale we presented our accomplishments in Prague, Czech Republic.

The two-day festival on October 2nd and 3rd 2019 did not only bring together skilled urbanists, curators or theorists of architecture. It was also open to the public, since sharing of information, knowledge, governance, space and infrastructure has become the new imperative in the architectural and cultural discourse.


Archa Theatre and the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning

Shared Cities: The Finale Program Flyer

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Shared Cities Atlas – Post-Socialist Cities and Active Citizenship in Central Europe

Helena Doudova (ed.), published by nai010 publishers.

The launch of the Shared Cities Atlas was part of Shared Cities: The Finale.

The Shared Cities Atlas applies the new, global ‘sharing paradigm’ in architecture and public sphere to a site-specific situation in seven cities in Central Europe. Mapping current practices of sharing and new fields of action in case studies, it contextualizes the phenomenon in research papers, data, and photography.

Shared Cities Atlas Cover

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Have a closer look on the Shared Cities Atlas


Shared Cities: The Discussions

The second day of Shared Cities: The Finale consisted of three panel discussions on Shared Identities, Spaces and Politics in Central Europe with renowned European architecture theorists, curators and urban researchers.


Watch the panel discussions


Shared Cities: The Videos

Eight videos, each related to a creative adventure, to real problems and their solutions, to stories from different European cities. They are answering the following questions: How to better understand our cities? How to better plan our cities? How to better use our cities?


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Credits – Shared Cities: The Finale

Chief Curator Shared Cities: The Finale: Osamu Okamura
Curator Shared Cities: The Finale (Discussions, Atlas Exhibition): Helena Doudová
Production management and artistic collaboration: Stefanie Heublein
Production: Zuzana Čermáková & Kamil Pavelka
Communication: Tomáš Moravec & Sofia Tscholakidi & Denisa Šelelyová & Martina Peachment Brehmer
Assistance: Teresa Hilscher & Wolf Arne Storm
Advisory Board: Ivana Černá & Sandra Karácsony (Czech Centres); Martin J. Barry & Ludmila Hasmanová & Gil Cienfuegos (reSITE)

Special Thanks to

Štěpán Bärtl, Barbora Peroutková, Klára Vetterová, Martin Vronský (IPR/ CAMP); Ondřej Hrab, Jindřich Krippner, Jiří Popelka, Pavlína Svatoňová (Divadlo Archa); Haeun 박하은, Marley Ketchum (reSITE); Michaela Kippes, Ondřej Novotný, Jacob Zitzmann (Goethe-Institut).


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