The Finale

The growing urban population faces various challenges. How can we find creative answers for that? This is just one of many questions and topics which have been discussed during the international project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum in the past four years. Now the time has come to present the accomplishments.

The two-day festival Shared Cities: The Finale will not only bring together skilled urbanists, curators or theorists of architecture. It will also be open to the public, since sharing of information, knowledge, governance, space and infrastructure has become the new imperative in the architectural and cultural discourse.

Archa Theatre and the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning

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Wednesday, 2. October 2019

Shared Cities: The Performance

20:00–21:20, Divadlo Archa

Virtual Ritual – Premiere
by Jan Mocek

This original gaming performance takes its viewers to the parallel world of online video games. Virtual space offers its users endless possibilities to enjoy themselves without the constraints of physical reality. Urban researcher Osamu Okamura, YouTuber Atlet, and photographer and gamer Adéla Vosičková join an expert gaming panel to unpack the hidden mechanisms and rituals that shape not just virtual cities but also the cities we live in.

Virtual Ritual is co-produced by Goethe-Institut, Divadlo Archa and SixHouses as part of the Shared Cities: Creative Momentum project.

Thursday, 3. October 2019

Shared Cities: Ideas Yard

15:00–17:00, CAMP

Eleven members of the international Shared Cities project present the results of their work in a direct conversation with visitors who choose which topic to join.

Moderator: Osamu Okamura

Shared Cities: Reading-room & Atlas Exhibition & Videos

15:00–23:00, CAMP

Read through project publications, experience an exhibition of infographics and images from the Shared Cities Atlas and watch the Shared Cities Videos on the big screen!

Official Opening

18:00, CAMP

Angelika Ridder, Regional Director Goethe-Institut Central Eastern Europe; Martin Barry, Founder and Chairman reSITE; Monika Koblerová, Deputy Director General Czech Centres

Shared Cities Atlas – Post-Socialist Cities and Active Citizenship in Central Europe: Book Launch

18:30, CAMP

The Shared Cities Atlas applies the new global “sharing paradigm“ in architecture and the public sphere to the site-specific situation in seven cities in Central Europe.

Moderator: Helena Doudová

Shared Identities, Spaces and Politics in Central Europe

19:00–21:00, CAMP

The series of panels attempts to draw new maps of Central Europe based on the Shared Cities Atlas. The aim is to contextualize the main topics of the Shared Cities project within a broader international discourse.

1. Panel: Shared Identities and Shared Contemporary Practices in Central Europe

19:00, CAMP

Thirty years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the notion of sharing seems to be forgotten in Central Europe. Can it be revitalised? We’ll take a look at successful examples and will show how architecture can support this endeavour.

Keynote: David Crowley
Moderator: Milota Sidorová, with Olja Triaška Stefanović and Samu Szemerey

2. Panel: Digital Sharing & Data Commons

19:45, CAMP

Open access to information is a precondition for a knowledge-sharing society. Even though vast amounts of data on cities are already being shared, there is still a gap between the “ability to access” and the “ability to understand”. How to promote efficient sharing of knowledge? How to ensure private data protection at the same time?

Keynote: Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer
Moderator: David Bárta

3. Panel: Activism and Politics of Urban Space in Central Europe

20:15, CAMP

In order to catalyse shared urban governance and decision-making, municipalities need to pay more attention to citizen participation. How to develop a city through activism? How to preserve urban spaces as spaces for negotiation? What are the strategies of resistance to political pressures?

Keynote: Elke Krasny
Moderator: Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimowska, with Szilvia Zsargo, Ivan Kucina and Matthias Einhoff

Shared Cities: The Performance

20:00–21:20, Divadlo Archa

Virtual Ritual – Premiere
by Jan Mocek

The Party

21.00, CAMP
DJ: Eva Porating

Tickets and Registration

All events at CAMP are for free, registration at is required. Tickets for the Performance Virtual Ritual CZK 250 / CZK 150 for students & senior citizens are available at

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Credits – Shared Cities: The Finale

Chief Curator Shared Cities: The Finale: Osamu Okamura
Curator Shared Cities: The Finale (Discussions, Atlas Exhibition): Helena Doudová
Production management and artistic collaboration: Stefanie Heublein
Production: Zuzana Čermáková & Kamil Pavelka
Communication: Tomáš Moravec & Sofia Tscholakidi & Denisa Šelelyová & Martina Peachment Brehmer
Assistance: Teresa Hilscher & Wolf Arne Storm
Advisory Board: Ivana Černá & Sandra Karácsony (Czech Centres); Martin J. Barry & Ludmila Hasmanová & Gil Cienfuegos (reSITE)

Special Thanks to

Štěpán Bärtl, Barbora Peroutková, Klára Vetterová, Martin Vronský (IPR/ CAMP); Ondřej Hrab, Jindřich Krippner, Jiří Popelka, Pavlína Svatoňová (Divadlo Archa); Haeun 박하은, Marley Ketchum (reSITE); Michaela Kippes, Ondřej Novotný, Jacob Zitzmann (Goethe-Institut).


Shared Cities: The Videos

Shared Cities: Creative Momentum is on a mission to improve the quality of life in European cities. By exploring aspects of sharing and urban design we are creating new ways of living in our cities. Together.

Shared Cities: The Videos coming soon!
Because no city is perfect


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Watch Berlin – Hacking Urban Furniture

Watch Budapest – Csepel Works

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Watch Budapest – Space Sensation

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Watch Belgrade – Urban Hub


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