Shared Cities: The Finale – The Discussions

The one-day programme was based on discussion formats with renowned European architecture theorists, curators and urban researchers.

3. Panel: Activism and Politics of Urban Space in Central Europe

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Shared Identities, Spaces and Politics in Central Europe

The series of 3 international panel discussions attempted to draw new maps of Central Europe based on the Shared Cities Atlas. The aim was to contextualize the main topics of the Shared Cities project within a broader international discourse.

Panel Discussion: “Shared Identities, Spaces and Politics in Central Europe”

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1. Panel | Shared Identities and Shared Contemporary Practices in Central Europe

30 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the notion of sharing seems to be forgotten in Central Europe. Can it be revitalised? The participants of the panel discussed successful examples and showed how architecture can support this endeavour.

Keynote: David Crowley
Moderator: Milota Sidorová, with Olja Triaška Stefanović and Samu Szemerey

2. Panel | Digital Sharing & Data Commons

Open access to information is a precondition for a knowledgesharing society. Even though vast amounts of data on cities are already being shared, there is still a gap between the “ability to access” and the “ability to understand”. How to promote efficient sharing of knowledge? How to ensure private data protection at the same time?

Keynote: Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer
Moderator: David Bárta

3. Panel | Activism and Politics of Urban Space in Central Europe

In order to catalyse shared urban governance and decisionmaking, municipalities need to pay more attention to citizen participation. How to develop a city through activism? How to preserve urban spaces as spaces for negotiation? What are the strategies of resistance to political pressures?

Keynote: Elke Krasny
Moderator: Katarzyna WielgaSkolimowska, with Szilvia Zsargo, Ivan Kucina and Matthias Einhoff

Shared Cities: Ideas Yard

In addition to the 3 panel discussions, the eleven members of the international Shared Cities project presented the results of their work in a direct conversation with the visitors.

Ideas Yard at Shared Cities: The Finale

© Jakub Červenka

Shared Cities: The Finale

© Petra Hajská

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