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What is the future of Iconic Ruins? After the transition to democracy, these buildings have slipped out of public and political interest. Under the scope of 'Shared Cities: Creative Momentum' architects and students conducted research into the re-use of these abandoned buildings. Download the publication 'Iconic Ruins / Strategies' to get the latest information on their studies. Available now!

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“We consider the project Iconic Ruins to be one of those emerging platforms where responsibilities are switched, activists become advisory voices, preservation is replaced by ongoing consultancy by related disciplines, for example architecture and art history. In this context, any attempts at rescuing specific buildings will be replaced by instructions as how to integrate twentieth century architecture into the current social-cultural environment. […]

We understand the project Iconic Ruins to be a project of symbolic de-tabooisation of architectural works of the second half of the twentieth century, as well as a project not only of symbolic but also factual reintegration of those works into the contemporary social environment. […] There are serious tasks ahead, where we must research specific and suitable architectural strategies applied to architecture from the second half of the twentieth century of Slovakia and that of the other countries of the former Eastern Bloc, strategies that will respect both the uniqueness and irreplaceability of these buildings in the context of architecture in general.” Read more about VSVU Iconic Strategies.

© Benjamín Bradňanský, Monika Mitášová, Ján Studený, Marian Zerva

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