Shared Cities Ideas Yard: ICONIC RUINS?

17|04|2019, PRAGUE: Photo-Reportage

ICONIC RUINS? exhibition

Photos from our event Shared Cities Ideas Yard: ICONIC RUINS? that took place on April 17, 2019 in the gallery of the Czech Centres in Prague.


The participants of the panel discussion f.l.t.r.: Igor Kovačević (moderator, Centre for Central European Architecture, Prague), Henrieta Moravčíková (architectural historian, SK), Ján Studený (VŠVU, SK), Vít Halada (VŠVU, SK), Petr Vorlík (architectural historian, CZ), Anna Cymer (architectural historian, PL), Dániel Kovács (architectural historian, HU)

ICONIC RUINS? panel discussion

©Anna Pleslová


The interested audience

ICONIC RUINS? visitors

©Anna Pleslová


Igor Kovačević moderated the discussion

ICONIC RUINS? moderator

©Anna Pleslová


The gallery space of Czech Centre in Prague


©Anna Pleslová


Visitors at the exhibition

ICONIC RUINS? exhibition

©Anna Pleslová




This event took place in the gallery of the Czech Centres in Prague as part of the Shared Cities Ideas Yards event series. We invite inspirational experts to present new approaches in sharing of knowledge, experience and data, in community engagement and the use of cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of urban life.

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The Virtual Ritual performance premiered on 2nd October 2019 in the Archa Theatre as part of the Shared Cities Finale. The performance takes place in a fictional city. In what ways does it resemble a real city? What problems do virtual cities have? And is it easier for people to share and be part of a community in the virtual world? Find the answers in the interview with Jan Mocek and Táňa Švehlová from SixHouses in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Iconic Ruins? Exhibition Catalogue #ONLINE

The ICONIC RUINS? exhibition seeks to reveal the parallels to be found in the architecture of the four Visegrad countries’ shared state-socialist past and to initiate a broader discussion of the immediate future of the critically at risk cultural heritage of late modernism. Download the exhibition catalogue to find out more about Post-war Socialist Architecture in the Visegrad Countries.

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Belgrade – Urban Hub

Local initiatives in Belgrade took responsibility and started cleaning a local square with the help of the Association of Belgrade Architects in the project “Urban Hub”.

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02I10 - 03I10I2019 PRAGUE: Photo Reportage

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