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What is Shared Cities: Creative Momentum?

(c) Petra Hajska

The history of cities is synonymous with the history of sharing. Sharing is defined as the joint use of a resource or space. The city – on its own – has always been a centre for sharing. Not just of resources and spaces, but also of food, architecture, ideas, money and cultural traditions. Shared Cities: Creative Momentum builds upon those intersections which are created when sharing occurs. We do so by bringing together eleven organisations from seven European cities to organise over 150 activities that will culminate in an international exhibition, publication and film.

As the trend to concentrate in already dense cities continues, our concerns about housing, quality of public space, transportation, infrastructure investments, access to information and data or social and cultural challenges become more pressing. Sharing can be seen as one of many answers to these urban challenges, as it can mitigate the cost of living or enable us to live more sustainably and equitably.

Like other cities worldwide, those in Central and Eastern Europe are experiencing a heightened interest in sharing. This trend, concentrated in mobility and housing, has found a receptive audience in cultural and creative circles. When it comes to sharing, we are witnessing a creative momentum taking shape. In a geographic region that has largely focused on individuality and private initiative since the collapse of communism, this momentum in Central and Eastern Europe faces unique challenges and reception.

In Shared Cities: Creative Momentum, we take a closer look at the uniqueness, or even the lack thereof, of sharing and its spatial impact on city development.  As part of our project, we aim to identify whether sharing is unique in this region and how the creative momentum can balance market principles in the future development of our cities.

Let us share our findings and ideas with you. Let’s make our cities better places to live. Together.

Core Team of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum

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