Katowice: Data for Culture

How to investigate events in the data (overload) culture? Do we need new tools and methods for this? For a dozen or so months, a group of city researchers, designers, programmers and data scientists explored the cultural ecosystem of Katowice. Take a look at he outcomes of the study of Katowice’s cultural ecosystem!

data about public transport in Katowice

Katowice City of Gardens (Katowice – Miasto Ogrodów) was created to support cultural, publishing and educational activities in the region of Katowice, one of them is the Medialab Katowice project.

During the Shared Cities project, researchers in Medialab Katowice were busy crunching vast amounts of data and conducting thousands of interviews about the cultural ecosystem of Katowice only to turn this impressive knowledge into exciting findings and visualizations presented on the Data for culture website.

Take a look at he outcomes of the research on the Data for culture website or read the interview with Karol Piekarski, the founder and current programme director of Medialab Katowice.


Data for culture 




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