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Sharing information, know-how, governance and infrastructure has become a new imperative in architectural and cultural discourse.

Sharing information, know-how, governance and infrastructure has become a new imperative in architectural and cultural discourse. Europe is facing challenges that stem from the scarcity of resources, low levels of public participation and a shortfall of appropriate expertise. The shift in the technological advances of our time, boosted by the complex and interconnected condition of the globalized world redefines the way we inhabit our cities. Sharing makes innovative solutions possible by utilizing the creative potential of citizens, communities, activists, artists, cultural actors, social scientists and their networks, supported by the opportunities provided by ubiquitous mobile computing and social media. This approach activates a “Creative Momentum” that increases the quality of life in European cities.

The Curatorial Lab is a transnational process-based collaborative platform exploring recent innovative curatorial approaches with artistic, visual, and performative strategies. The lab is enhancing the visibility of the project outcomes and strengthening the mediation and the message of the Shared Cities theme. It is a communication channel for more intense curation, transnational exchange and dialogue with project partners. On a metalevel it coordinates program activities, carefully looking at the message, content and quality.

Cities: Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Katowice, Warsaw
Partners: reSITE, Goethe-Institut, Czech Centres, KeK, Miasto Ogrodow, Mindspace, Association of Belgrade Architects, Vysoka Skola Vytvarnych Umeni, ResPublica, KUNSTrePUBLIK, Aliancia Stara Trznica
Duration: September 2016 – February 2020

Must Reads

MICHIEL DE LANGE: Strengthening public values through data

An interview on urban data, citizen engagement strategies and smart city with Michiel de Lange: The bottom line of any municipal data project is to strengthen public values through data The role of data in today’s cities is already pretty huge and will only become more important. […] a yet untapped potential of using data for engaging citizens with their environment, and allowing them to have a say in the future of their cities.

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Launch of the Shared Cities Magazine #2 & Party

JUNE 15, 2018, PRAGUE: What sharing practices are currently employed in Central and Eastern Europe? Do we still want to live together? Is it even possible?Join our discussion and the launch of the second international issue of the acclaimed Magazyn Miasta/ Cities Magazine on sharing in post-communist cities.

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SHARED CITIES: against grey reality

Prague, May 16th, 2018: web portal has interviewed Osamu Okamura on topic of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum and his attitudes to sharing. You have a unique opportunity to find out what has brought Osamu Okamura to the topic of sharing and what he thinks about sharing in Prague!

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Prague, Forum Karlin, June 14–15, 2018: extra SHARED CITIES: CREATIVE MOMENTUM free events

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BINA 2018

+++ SCCM events: 19 - 20th MAY, 2018, Belgrade +++ Join our Shared Cities events at the Belgrade International Architecture Week - inspiring lectures, workshops, discussions, case studies!

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