The October edition of WhatCity? in Bratislava on the topic of sharing is on Soundcloud now! Eleven experts, eleven experiences with sharing in cities - listen to the intense exchanges between speakers and guests in one-on-one dialogues.

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WhatCity? Shared Cities took place on October 24th from 18:30 to 20:30 in Studio 5, Slovak Radio Building.
Conceptual partners of this edition of WhatCity? were Shared Cities: Creative Momentum and Goethe-Institut Bratislava. The project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum focuses on improving the quality of life in Central European cities. Co-organizers: SCCM, RTVS, Rádio_FM Partners: Goethe Institut, Pixel Federation s.r.o., Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung v Bratislave, Imagine Development s.r.o., Translata

Must Reads

From Privatisation to Community Use

We are witnessing an emergence of different strategies to counter corporate ownership, real estate speculation and privatization through community ownership models and cooperative land use schemes. Will civic spaces in Central Europe be a competition for public spaces or an extension of them?

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Time for Us!

The idea of sharing more power over the cities with their residents is here to stay. The experiment with Polish urban politics has shown the extent to which it possible and the elasticity of its implementation

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High-Rise Revitalised

How will high-rise housing estates transform in Prague, Bratislava and Warsaw – cities where demand on the real estate market still overweighs supply, which means that even houses made of precast concrete enjoy unwavering popularity?

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