Shared Cities Ideas Yard: Neighbourhood Development

21|11|2018, PRAGUE: Photo-Reportage

IY: Neighbourhood Development

Photos from our event Shared Cities Ideas Yard: Neighbourhood Development that took place on November 21, 2018 in Prague.


Ádám Kobrizsa (Mindspace, Budapest) presenting transformation of the market hall on Rákóczi Square in Budapest. Watch video they have made!

IY: Neighbourhood Development

©Jakub Červenka


Bálint Horváth (Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre – KÉK, Budapest) talking about transformation of a brownfield on the Csepel Island and about the project Budapest 100.

IY: Neighbourhood Development

©Jakub Červenka


Pavla Pelčíková (IPR Prague) commenting on situation in Budapest and giving examples from Prague neighbourhoods.

IY: Neighbourhood Development

© Jakub Červenka


Moderator Milota Sidorová (WPS Prague, Green Foundation Bratislava, SCCM project co-author) carefully listening to Ádám Kobrizsa.

IY: Neighbourhood Development

©Jakub Červenka


Everybody rounded off the Ideas Yard event with a chat over a glass of wine.

IY: Neighbourhood Development

©Jakub Červenka



This event took place as part of the Shared Cities Ideas Yard event series. We bring experts from European countries to Prague to present new approaches in urban planning, shared governance and long-term community engagement.

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