Prague, Forum Karlin, June 14–15, 2018: extra SHARED CITIES: CREATIVE MOMENTUM free events

reSITE Accomodate 2018

This year in Prague we ask – is it time to reconsider what a better city looks like? The tide has clearly lifted all boats over the last few decades of urban development, yet gentrification and rising costs of living pose considerable challenges for city leaders, investors, planners and architects to design a city that works for everyone. As always, reSITE will connect innovators across sectors to find solutions. Prague, centrally located in Europe and the world, offers a unique architectural setting to make new connections, inspire more positive impacts, and find more solutions to improve our lives in cities. Through panel discussions, keynotes, field trips, interactive workshops and tours, again – the event seeks to be a one-of-a-kind experience combining the best ideas in the world from the bottom to the top.

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Forum Karlin, Pernerova 51, Prague




Thursday, June 14


Ideas Yard Prague | Invitation to Shared Cities: Creative Momentum Workshops + Shared Cities Trailer
Martin Barry (reSITE, Prague, CZ) + Martina Peachment Brehmer (Goethe-Institut, Prague, CZ)
Shape your city, share your city – first international screening of the Shared Cities film.

Screening and Q&A | Elevation, documentary film
Marcus Fairs (Founder & Editor-in-Chief Dezeen, London, UK)
Liam Young (Architect & Filmmaker; Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today/SCI-Arc; Los Angeles, US)
Elevation Dezeen short film premiere.

Discussion Panel | Performing Architecture
Marcus Fairs (Founder & Editor-in-Chief Dezeen, London, UK)
Elizabeth Streb (Director of Streb Extreme Action, New York, US)
Moderator: Guta Moura Guedes (Chair and Co-founder Experimenta, Lisbon, PT)
How do we inhabit space, communicate space or communicate through space?

Conversation | Puerto Rico – Sharing Resources, Revitalising Community
Christine Nieves & Luis Rodriguez Sanchez Co-Founder (Proyecto Apoyo Mutuo Mariana, Humacao, PR)
Moderator: Petr Navrat (ON plan, Prague, CZ)
Learn how to face extreme climatic and other challenges of today.

Lecture | Innovative Work/Life Platform for Creators
Darrick Borowski (Creative Director WeWork, New York, US)
Let’s create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living.



16:30-18:00 SCCM Workshops & Interactive Formats

Workshop | Living Together: How to create cooperative housing and the challenges that accompany it
Florian Koehl (Fatkoehl Architects, Berlin, DE)
Take part in the production of the city! The workshop will show examples of co-ops, how to start them, the rules of commitment and sharing, the moments of conflict and enjoyment and the reasons to soon be part of it.
Location: KOTELNA 55 Stage

Workshop | Oh, you also live here? Networking institutions with neighbourhoods
Balint Horvath, Samu Szemerey (Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre – KEK, Budapest, HU)
Our game will map institutions and venues in the streets of Prague-Holesovice. We will find surprising connections between local and global players and make institutional bureaucracy great again!
Location: VIP Lounge + Salon Stage

Workshop | Space Sensation. Learn about the city through slow-motion, sound analysis and more
Emese Nanasi, Zsuzsanna Rac (Mindspace, Budapest, HU)
Wander around, reconnect and reinterpret your surroundings! We will test playful and experimental ideas that bring a new perspective to space sensation.
Location: Live Mic Stage

Guided Tour | Through New Karlin
Petr Kucera (Prague, CZ)
Get to know the projects of River City Prague, Main Point Karlin, Corso Karlin, Kotelna and the Cornlofts Saldova with Petr Kucera – an architect, city planner and Prague connoisseur.
Meeting point: Forum Karlín – registration stand.

Video & Sound Installation | Borders
Olga Labovkina (Minsk, BY)
Play with the idea borders – physical boundaries, boundaries of ordinary behaviour in public space, visible and invisible boundaries, external and internal boundaries.


Friday, JUNE 15


19:00-22:30 | Foyer², Goethe-Institut, Masarykovo nabrezi 32, Prague 1
Extra Event | Launch of the Shared Cities Magazine #2

What are current sharing practices? Do we still want to live together and is it even possible?
Join our discussion and the launch of the second issue of the acclaimed Magazyn Miasta / Cities Magazine on sharing in post-communist cities.


Free entrance.

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Programme of the whole conference in English available here


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The Return of Sharing Cities

Understanding the notion of owner-ship is crucial when trying to grasp the specific nature of sharing in Central-Eastern European cities

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Right to Know

Thanks to the variety of different media available today, people can share much more data and form new relationships with information. That is the main premise of open data as a concept – making and keeping it open creates the condition in which citizens can get informed and are, therefore, engaged in the governance of their communities.

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Bringing Life Back to Csepel

What sparked KÉK’s interest in the Csepel Island? What changes did they want to happen on Csepel Island? Find the answers to these and many more questions in the interview with Bálint Horváth from KÉK, Budapest, Hungary.

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REPRIVATISATION: How hindsight helps us move forward

Without understanding the process of reprivatisation, it is difficult to understand the post-communist relation to property, sharing and urban space

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This residency was the fourth in a series of four curatorial-practice-oriented programmes: three workshops (publications, data, exhibitions) and one residency organised by the Curatorial Lab of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum. They explored innovative approaches to the sharing of knowledge in architecture, design and urban planning.

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