B-sites are abandoned, derelict or underused areas that have become B-category space.

B-sites are abandoned, derelict or underused areas that have become B-category space. Iconic Ruins are high quality architecture that lost their ideological and programmatic meaning, and have become a modern-day ruin, e.g. the socialist palaces of culture are very typical in Central and Eastern Europe, located in lucrative city centres adjoining public spaces that, nowadays, areΒ  meant for demolition.

How can they become vital spots in the urban fabric again?

Over two years, four studios for Masters students of Architecture and Urbanism will act in parallel collaborations with all project cities to execute case study research comparing existing strategies (Berlin, Prague) with speculative proposals developed by students as their studio projects in Katowice, Bratislava, Belgrade, and Budapest. The devised strategies will be tested on several buildings simultaneously.

City: Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Berlin, Prague, Katowice
partner: Vysoka Skola Vytvarnych Umeni
cooperation: Miasto Ogordow, KeK, Association of Belgrade Architects, KUNSTrePUBLIK
Duration: June 2016 – June 2019

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