Shared Cities Ideas Yard: Neighbourhood Development

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Is participatory planning in conflict with informal community development? Or can these two approaches complement each other?

Imagine you’re an urban researcher or community developer living in a city with little participatory culture. How do you involve the local community in neighbourhood development? What innovative tools are available to activate local stakeholders – be it small businesses, cultural players or residents?

What changes can be triggered by informal methods of community development and neighbourhood research? On the other hand, what potential do formal participatory processes have? What level of political support can both types of practices get? Finally, in what ways is the situation in Prague and Budapest – two major Central European capitals – similar? In what ways is it different?

Get inspired by the successful transformation of a brownfield on the Csepel Island or the market hall on Rákóczi Square!




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This event takes place as part of the Shared Cities Ideas Yard event series. We bring experts from European countries to Prague to present new approaches in urban planning, shared governance and long-term community engagement.


The discussion will take place in English.

Free entry.