Shared Cities Ideas Yard: CZECHITAS – Introduction to software testing

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Girls with laptop © Goethe Institut

22|06|2019, 09:30–17:30

Goethe-Institut, Saal

IT now covers a whole lot of activities where one single mistake could have dreadful consequences. That’s why testing is becoming a vital step and is taken very seriously in IT companies.

The workshop starts with an introduction to software testing. You will get familiar with all the terminology like test case or bug, we will show you the techniques of test design, the software development models (SDLC), the levels of testing and much more. Next, you will get to utilize test designing techiques and you will try testing a sample app.

The workshop will take place in Czech.

In cooperation with the NGO Czechitas.
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This event takes place as part of the Shared Cities Ideas Yards event series. We invite inspirational experts to present new approaches in sharing of knowledge, experience and data, in community engagement and the use of cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of urban life.