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Cities Magazine #3 front page © Magazyn Miasta / Res Publica

In the first issue of the Magazyn Miasta: Cities Magazine, we presented the history and locally created rites of sharing in the post-Soviet cities of Central Europe. In the second the present manifestations in the region and its mechanisms. In the current issue, we look to the future: How and what will we share in the cities of Central Europe?

In this Magazine we are presenting some heroes of the modern way of life in cities of Central Europe and their practices. We describe how they invent new forms of sharing housing, create a common solar energy sources, and promote a healthier mobility culture. We explain how they experiment with urban democracy, because the right to the city is a fundamental value for all citizens. And their work brings effects! Meet these heroes with us – it’s worth it, because their actions shape and will continue shaping the new urban reality of Central Europe!

Join our discussion and the launch of the third international issue of the acclaimed Magazyn Miasta/ Cities Magazine. During the launch, copies of the magazine will be available for free.

The launch is part of reSITE 2019 REGENERATE.


Rosmarie de Wit obtained her PhD in atmospheric physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2015. After a postdoc at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center investigating the boundary region between the atmosphere and space, she joined Austria’s national weather service ZAMG in 2016. She is part of the urban climate modelling group, which is specialized in urban heat island analyses and heat island adaptation strategies.

Leona Lynen is a Berlin-based city-maker who advocates cooperation between civil society and administration in order to jointly create a different quality of city. Leona is an expert when it comes to mediating between different people, disciplines and interests. As project manager at ZUsammenKUNFT Berlin – cooperative for urban development, Leona is a driving force at Haus der Statistik in Berlin, a vast, unoccupied administration building in the centre of Berlin that is currently being turned into a model project for co-operative, mixed-use urban development that is oriented towards the common good.


Artur Celiński is an urban thinker, expert on the cultural policies and a founding member and deputy editor of Magazyn Miasta (Cities Magazine), as well as leader of the urban research think-tank “City DNA”, and curator of an international project “Ortsgespräche” organized by Goethe-Institut. He cooperates with Polish “Radio TOK FM”. Artur is interested in the process of urban development, the adoption and evaluation of cultural policies, supporting active communities and creating conditions for residents to participate in making major policy decisions relating to the area in which they live.

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