Güterverkehr #10 with Pia Grüter

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Güterverkehr is a new production and communication platform growing at the ZK/U with an aim to continuously test cooperative forms of production. Following the pre-industrial ideal of manufacture, diverse crafts collaborate with the goal of achieving high-quality products with an local identity.

The last of Guterverkehr series in 2017 will happen as a series of small scale workshops happening over 2 days period as a mobile AIR (Artist In Residence). AIR is a tinyhouse studio, that will offer a new platform for art and a flexible approach for artistic field research. The mobile residence is off-grid and can be transported to specific sites, and parked for short as well as long periods. It enables artists to realize site-specific projects at places that might otherwise be difficult to approach for intensive investigations. In contrast to many other residency programs, this one complies with the artists needs, and not the other way around.

More information coming soon...