Food and Footage

Food and Footage ©Lisa Johanna Thiele

Ideas Yard Food and Footage / Speisekino

Every Friday from 5th of May until 29th June and from 14th September until 30th November 2018 a film curator and a cook get together and combine independent movies and short films with food related to the theme or vice versa. Sometimes the relation is simple, for instance a film from Tanzania combined with East African food; sometimes it is more sophisticated, like serving the same drinks or cooking the same meal as in the film. Food and Footage brings people from different social background and ages together, as film is a wonderful tool to create an atmosphere and inspire thinking - but eating together is by far the best means to spark a feeling of collectivity and belonging. In the long run, we want to be a local living room, where you meet friends, see outstanding movies and share soul-warming meals, just to see how wonderful the community outside of your private space is.

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