Exhibition: Iconic Ruins / Strategies

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For Shared Cities: Creative Momentum, an “iconic ruin” is a building of exceptional architectural quality in an exceptional location of a Central or Eastern European post-communist city. Think of a cultural centre, a shopping mall or a sport palace.

After the transition to democracy, iconic ruins have slipped out of public and political interest. These buildings of often unique and generous architectural solutions have been left neglected or abandoned. What is their future?

This exhibition, organized by the Slovak Academy of Fine Arts and Design in cooperation with the Medium Gallery, presents the results of ongoing research exploring the status quo of iconic ruins in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia. A selection of students´ works will display the different approaches towards the  regeneration of the following buildings:

Bratislava, Slovakia: Slovak TV and radio building, Istropolis Palace, Slovak National Gallery, Old Shopping mall in Kamenné square

Trnava, Slovakia: Hviezda cinema

Berlin, Germany: Czech Embassy in Berlin

Katowice, Poland: December Palace

Prague, Czech Republic: Swimming pool under Barrandov

Authors: Bišťan, Brádňanský, Halada, Hájek, Holocsy, Pišteková, Rypáková, Studený, students A2, A3, A4 KAT VŠVU, Hojstričová + Triaška Stefanović

Curators: Benjamín Brádňanský, Ján Studený

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Exhibition launch: 18 January, 6:00pm

The exhibition is open to the public until 19 February, 2018.