BINA 2018 Communis Workshop: Working Together

©Milota Sidorova

Sharing is more than dividing common resource. It is about making common good. We are making it by working together. By working together we are swapping private and public interests for shared values. By working together we are changing our city into shared spaces. Shared spaces are not given to us but determined by sharing. They are not our properties but the way we are appropriating. Instead of boundaries we are making threshold where we meet and talk to agree on what to do. In the forefront of our personal involvements there are sparkles of revolving common – our generosity.

The team of Belgrade International Week of Architecture (BINA) will discuss with Shared Cities: Creative Momentum partners and guests what Shared Cities means today, two years after the beginning and two years before the resume of the project. The goal of the workshop will evolve around questions of heritage, knowledge, space and development:

  1. How to revitalize our shared heritage?
  2. How to share information about the city?
  3. How to make shared  spaces with different citizens?
  4. How to organize shared urban governance?


May 19th 2018

10:00 am - Public Workshop: Working Together

1:00 pm - Lunch Break

3:00 pm - Plato Park Keepers: Presentation

4:00 pm - Plato Park Keepers: Event

7:00 pm - Dinner

May 20th 2018

10:00 am - Working Together – Internal Discussion and Resume

11:00 am - Curatorial Lab: Atlas

12:00 am - Exhibition Lab

1:00 pm - Lunch Break

3:00 pm - Ledine Škograd: Presentation

4:00 pm - Ledine Workshop: Stara Trznica and Škograd

7:00 pm - Dinner


Please confirm and register your attendance until 23rd February on bina.tatjana [at] gmail.com.

* Venue to be announced later. BINA reserves the right to change the program.