Leaving the communist system behind, the Polish capital with two million inhabitants has undergone a major transformation. Today, Warsaw is full of contradictions.

While the engagement of urbanists promoting transparent and sustainable development is on the rise, Warsaw still faces low civic engagement in urban issues. A major problem for the city remains air pollution as many public spaces are overtaken by cars. To initiate changes improving the quality of life for Warsaw’s citizens, Shared Cities promoted different concepts of urban sharing and enabled the exchange of local know-how with other project cities.

Project Partner in Warsaw

Res Publica

Res Publica is a Warsaw based foundation promoting sustainable urban ideas, conducting research in urban cultural policies and helping city governments design cultural strategies. Res Publica publishes Magazyn Miasta: Cities Magazine – the only interdisciplinary Polish magazine on urban questions. As part of Shared Cities, Res Publica produced three international issues of Magazyn Miasta – the first issue mapped sharing the past in Central and Eastern Europe, the second explored the current status quo and the third looked into future sharing initiatives in the region.

Materials from Warsaw


The three international issues of Magazyn Miasta - the Cities Magazine are capturing the development of sharing in Central and Eastern European cities. What is the driving force behind urban sharing? How will the concept of sharing affect our everyday life in the future? Find the answer in the interview with Marta Żakowska, the editor from Magazyn Miasta, Warsaw, Poland.

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Magazyn Miasta: Cities Magazine vol.3 #ONLINE

How and what will we share in the cities of Central Europe? Get the third issue of the Magazyn Miasta: Cities Magazin to find out more. You can download it now!

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Magazyn Miasta / Cities Magazine vol.2 #ONLINE

What do people share in post-communist cities? What new sharing practices have appeared in Central and Eastern European cities? Find out more in the second issue of the international edition of the Magazyn Miasta / Cities Magazine - launched in June and now available ONLINE!

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The Eastern Roots of Sharing. Interview with Kacper Pobłocki

To embrace sustainable sharing economy requires re-imagining of many fundamental aspects of our society. Take for example the current nuclear family model - world-wide, it is the basis for our housing systems. And it is rather outdated.

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Shared Cities Magazine #1

Download the magazine by using the link below!

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