Like many metropolitan areas in Central and Eastern Europe, Budapest is undergoing a major transition in urban governance questioning the top-down municipal oversight of city development.

This comes partly with the shift towards globalised and private investments in real-estate, infrastructure and urban services, partly from the appearance of new stakeholders who influence and occasionally take over the development responsibilities of the city. During Shared Cities, Budapest explored ways of reinvigorating the former industrial area of Csepel Island or bringing life to Rákóczi Square, a large square in the centre of Budapest.

Project Partners in Budapest

KÉK: Contemporary Architecture Centre

KÉK is an independent Contemporary Architecture Centre in Budapest. Operated by young Hungarian architects, artists and civilians, the centre explores new perspectives of architectural and urban thinking. KÉK organises conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions, festivals, movie nights, exhibitions, urban walks and community gardening – encouraging the wider public to participate in planning today’s cities. As part of Shared Cities, KÉK organized the urban celebration Budapest100 and explored Csepel Island, a long neglected plant area with a history of heavy industry now undergoing a process of transformation.


Mindspace is a non-profit founded in 2011 that manages cultural urban projects, with a focus on smart cities and sustainability through participation and gamification. Mindspace’s main projects in the framework of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum are: Better Budapest – a participatory online platform that citizens of Budapest can use for crowd-sourcing problems in the district. The second part of the project is dedicated to cultural development of Rákóczi Square.

Watch Budapest – Csepel Works

Watch Budapest – Space Sensation

Materials from Budapest

Budapest – Space Sensation

Take your time to see your city with different eyes, as Mindspace did with their project “Space Sensation”.

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Budapest – Csepel Works

Sometimes it helps to take a look from above like the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center – KEK did, by modeling real-time scenarios for the factory site “Csepel Works”.

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Csepel Works – Weekend of Open Factories

Organized by the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center (KÉK), buildings in the Csepel Works plant in Budapest will open for the last weekend of June (29-30 June) to offer a unique chance for exploring the exciting present of the almost 240 hectares site and its unmatched industrial heritage.

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Where did the idea to transform the Rákóczi neighbourhood come from? What kind of problems do people in the Rákóczi neighbourhood face? Find the answer in the interview with Ádám Kobrizsa from Mindspace in Budapest, Hungary.

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Bringing Life Back to Csepel

What sparked KÉK’s interest in the Csepel Island? What changes did they want to happen on Csepel Island? Find the answers to these and many more questions in the interview with Bálint Horváth from KÉK, Budapest, Hungary.

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Budapest100: Share the Square

5 - 6th MAY, 2018, BUDAPEST - two-day celebration of Budapest's squares and its historic buildings organized by volunteers, enthusiastic locals and tenants proudly inhabiting the buildings.

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Working With the City: Engaging a Variety of Urban Actors on Multiple Scales, Shared Cities Diaries #7

We are well into the second year of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum. Finally, it feels like the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. The puzzle is a manifestation of adaptable best practices and alternative tool boxes triggering enduring public participation to shape our Central-Eastern European cities.

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Rakoczisquaring in practice, Budapest. Shared Cities Diaries #4

For four days in September, the Rákóczi square hosted workshops, pop-up stores, idea-generating presentations and international guests reflecting on the effects the construction of Budapest’s 4th metro line station has had on the square itself and the surrounding neighbourhood.

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Audiovizuális összefoglaló a Rákócziterezésről. Csarnokest, zenés happening, workshopok és konferencia. Ezek történtek a négy szeptemberi nap alatt. Már két hete lezajlott a program, mostanában pedig azon gondolkodunk és dolgozunk, hogyan folytassuk tovább a csarnokkal való együttműködést.

Gepostet von Mindspace am Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017